Find the right career path - without doubting your skills and purpose in life - in less than a month.


Career Finder is the only online course that helps you understand your innate strengths and find the right career option by step by step instructions, coaching and accountability.

- in as little as 4 weeks - 

Finding the right career starts here...


You know you need a new career, but you’re not clear on how to make it happen
Maybe you feel stuck in a career that isn’t right for you. Or you're returning after a break and just don't know what to do. It might be that your circumstances are forcing you to change.

But regardless of the reason... 

You want to do work that feels like you, wake up excited in the morning, and be proud of what you do.

​You also want what you do to fit your life (and not the other way around). 

​You want to lead with your lifestyle first and a career that supports it.

But finding the right career is not easy.

Have you got the skills needed to do something different? What about all the years you invested in your degree and career? Or maybe you are worrying about the gap on your CV?

You may have already tried some different avenues, but you’re still unclear on what you really want to do – or how you’re going to make the shift happen.


And we understand that it’s an overwhelming process — one that’s hard to start when you’re already juggling so much.


That’s exactly why we created a program that helps women like you move through this transition with clarity, purpose and long-term vision to support your DREAM life. 


A four-module online coaching course that helps you get clarity on your skills & motivation and helps you identify the right career, one fully aligned to the life you really want to live.
- in as little as 4 weeks - 




When you reimagine your career you can 

  • Get your confidence back

    Because you’ll you use your talents and see your value, and realize the impact it can make on the world and your family

  • Gain a new perspective

    You'll learn the importance of leading with your dream lifestyle first, and your career to support it

  • Finally feel happy and fulfilled

    By reclaiming that missing part of you and doing something worthwhile you know that every day you are stepping in to greater alignment.

  • Reclaim your independence

    By doing something worthwhile you feel valued in your professional life as well as at home.
  • Feel like yourself again 

    Being in the right career mens that you can merge all parts of you. You have a career that engages you whilst it also leaves room for the other important things in your life.



 Even though the reasons finding a new career are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but...


But where the heck do I start!?

Perhaps in your most confident moments you’ve made the commitment to start.

You’ve started exploring some ideas, done a bit of research, maybe even started to update your LinkedIn profile.

If you’re super committed maybe you even have reached out to some old colleagues and contacts assuring yourself that you’ll find the right career in the mystical, yet illusive someday.

Even with the best intentions too many women end up giving up on finding the right career due to lack of confidence, watching others enjoy a career path fully aligned to their life while they remain stuck. 

Here’s why so many women give up on finding the right career. Without a super clear step-by-step plan most people get completely lost.

They fall victim to endless researching, exploring idea after idea that seems exciting but with no clarity over exactly what they need to do to check if this career option actually is right and aligns to their life. 

Here’s why this is irreversibly crippling. The longer you wait the more your confidence will fade and the harder it will be to relaunch your career.  The moment you get lost in exploring career options it’s almost impossible to recover.

Therefore, having the tools to move forward quickly to find the right career is crucial so you can start building your skills and confidence to launch your career.

That means that even if you’ve been out of work for a while or want to make a complete change there is still a golden opportunity for you to jump in, regain your confidence, and launch the right career, one that is engaging and fully aligned to your life.

That is if you can avoid the critical mistakes others are making.

5 Reasons You Haven't Yet Figured It Out...

Reason 1

You are looking for the perfect job

Finding the right career isn’t particularly hard or complicated but there are so many moving pieces and potential failure points along the way. What employment type shall I go for, can I still have time with my kids, will this be worthwhile, have I got the skills I need. These are just some of the many questions you’ll have to answer along the way.

Most women approach their career relaunch as finding ‘the perfect job’, a job with complete flexibility, full time pay and the right stimulation. Which can easily become a never-ending journey.

Instead, it’s about to find the right career, a career that will help support your dream life.  

When you have clarity on what you want in life it will become much easier to find the right career.

Reason 2

You're thinking 'I don't have the time'

Finding time can be tricky, you are already juggling so many things, with kids and a home to look after.

The truth is that it doesn't take a long time to relaunch your career. It only needs to take 15 minutes per day. You can find that time before the kids wake up. Or during nap time. Do whatever you need to do to find those 15 minutes to work on this so that you can find the right career and make your dream life happen.

Think of where you'll be in a few months if you invest and carve out a little time everyday. 

Reason 3

You feel you don't have the skills or experiences you need

Relaunching your career can feel daunting. It's easy to think you don't have the skills or experience you need.

The truth is you have what you need. In addition to your professional skills you have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you have gained throughout your life, you only look in the right place to see it.

When you understand all your skills you can confidently relaunch your career.


Reason 4

You struggle to take action

After a career break our confidence may not be at top and therefore all the options available can feel overwhelming and puts our forward momentum to a halt.

It is easy to think 'if someone could just tell me what the right career is'. But this is your life and you need to be in charge. You need to decide what life you want to build and what is most important. From that you can go ahead and find the right career.

Reason 5

You worry about the gap on your CV 

To many women returning after an extended leave are worrying about the gap on their CV. 

The truth is that for many employers this is not an issue as well as the fact is that this is not a gap. You have gained lots of experience and new skills during this time that you should use as your competitive advantage. 

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Even though most of us have had careers before, even successful ones, it’s not the same as being in the right career.

Too often, as you may also have experienced, the career takes the lead asking your life to slot in behind. This means when your life changes and you want your life to take the lead whilst also enjoying your career it can be difficult knowing what to do.

But, as long as you can avoid the biggest blunders that sink the most confident and organised career relaunchers, the path is paved for you to find the right career, one that allows you to regain your confidence, reclaim your worth whilst fully supporting your life.

The key ingredient to all of this is a step-by-step roadmap. With your permission that’s what I’d love to show you.


Find a new career that regains your independence & leaves you feeling happy and fulfilled - without doubting your skills or purpose in life.

Career Finder is the only online course that helps you understand your innate strengths and find the right career option by step by step instructions, coaching and accountability.

- in as little as 4 weeks - 

Before I Tell You About This Life-Changing Programme, Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For...

You're a woman who loves being a mother but you also like to feel mentally stimulated and valued outside the home. You now want to have a career that connects who you are to your life. A career where you feel excited and fulfilled without having to completely give up on your freedom or family life.

Whether You're...

  • Ready to return to work after some precious time with your little ones
  • Your leave is coming to an end and you have realised what you used to do is no longer the right option
  • Circumstances have forced you to reassess what you do  

You're in the right place and I will tell you how Career Finder will give you the tools, inspiration and support to help you find and launch a career that allows you to live the life you really want to live.




When you join Career Finder

This is what's possible:


  • You’ll create not one, but three possible career paths: by taking the time to understand what deeply motivates and inspires you.
  • You’ll get your confidence back: because you’ll remember your talents (or discover new ones), and realise the impact it can make on the world and your family to use them.
  • You’ll gain a new perspective: when you see that you can lead with your dream lifestyle first, and a career to support it.
  • You’ll shape a long-term vision: because in order to unlock our purpose, we have to know what we’re working towards!
  • You’ll finally feel fulfilled: by generating awareness of where you are and where you want to go, you can start making the career changes that will allow you to step into greater alignment.


What our amazing students say...


”Going on this journey brought clarity and confidence to my life by helping me unpack my purpose and values which are the foundation of growing myself and starting a new career. I realized that I had the ability to achieve my goals and the conviction to go for it.”


Trisha Crookes, CEO I-Innovate





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 Here's how it all breaks down



Module 1

You & Your Life 

This is where it all begins. In order to figure out what the right career path is you first need to know where you are right now. What is and isn’t working in your life.

You’re going to get to explore how you view your life and career and what motivates you.

Finally, you will create the vision you have for your future. Your Big Picture! This is simpler than you think and when you have this, it will act as a roadmap for you, not just when it comes to your career path but to your life as well.

Module Highlights:

  • Define the dreams you have for your life, so you can shape a path where you lead with your lifestyle first.
  • Become clear on your motivation and values and let them lead you to your next career path
  • Know what your priorities are so you can chose the right career path



Module 2

Your Skills & Experiences

Now it's time to identify ALL your skills and experience. You may think you have lost some of your skills or that you don't have the right experience but let me tell you have a wealth of knowledge to tap into and in this module we'll map them all out.

The ones you have gained throughout your professional years as well as all the other skills you gained though life.

Module Highlights:

  • Comprehensive list of your professional skills and experiences to utilise 
  • Clarity on the skills and experiences you gained through life to use to create your competitive advantage
  • Create a complete skills map full with examples to help showcase these skills on your CV or in an interview


Module 3

Career Creation 

This is where the fun begins and you get to ideate and explore your career options. Dive into the areas you would like to work in and the actual roles you would like to take on. Then you get all the tolls and techniques you need to come up with three engaging alternatives.

Module Highlights:

  • Explore different starting points, job roles and industries to learn what career path will work for you
  • Define your career criteria so you know exactly what your career needs to bring
  • Create three alternative careers that are engaging, meet your needs and fully align to your life



Module 4

The Right Career

Now it's time to figure out which of your career alternatives is going to be the right career. Now it's time to map your career options against your life plan so you can assess which one will be the best fit for your dream life.

Module Highlights:

  • Create your 5-Year plans that will show you how well your options align to your life
  • Gain feedback on your alternative careers to ensure you have all the information that you need
  • Work through other questions and considerations in order to make the best career choice

Ooh, and you also get these goodies...

Weekly downloadable workbooks

  • Follow our step-by-step instructions to create the positive change you are looking for! Our fun coaching exercises are designed to provoke new thinking and insights, quickly.

Weekly Q&A and email support to turn your life vision into reality

  • Our expert coaches help guide you through any challenges you may come across.


  • Gain access to a supportive community of diverse yet like-minded women, to connect with, learn from and uplift each other on your collective journey to a happier life and fulfilled career.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enrol today:

The Complete Career Finder (value $ 997)
  • 4 training modules (from understanding your motivation to finding and launching the right career).
  • Video Trainings, PDF Guides, Worksheets and Templates
  • Bonus Private members Facebook Group (value $197)
  • Bonus Weekly Q&A (value $397)

When you add it all up, that’s a

Total Value: 1,591 $ 

But when you enrol today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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Plus You'll be Backed by a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

We have done everything in our power to make this the simplest career creation program available.  

We KNOW it works because it's the exact same process that we have been through ourselves and the many women we have coached to create new careers.  

However, if you're on the fence…or if other career coaching experiences have left you skeptical, then we want to give you every chance possible to "buy it and create it" with absolute confidence.  

That's why we're giving you a FULL 14 DAYS (from the course start date) to go and start working through the program, follow the simple step-by-step guide, and realise for yourself just how great it feels to finally go for it and start creating your new career.

However, if you feel coming up to the two weeks this is not for you, then all you need to do is to show us you tried and you get your refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for Career Design Lab

Typically we see students spend 1-2hrs per week. Some choose to do a little every day while others sit down once a week.

We have created this programme with your busy life in mind and we have done everything we can to make your career journey as easy as possible. In the welcome module we outline a few different strategies so you can find the best way for you to work through this course and get result - a career fully aligned to the life you really want to live.

Yes, this programme will help you step by step understand;

  • Your vision for your dream life
  • Your skills and strengths
  • What motivates you
  • What you want and need from your next career

When you map this all together with some fun ideation techniques you will be able to come up with three engaging career alternatives.

Let me start by saying you have what you need to get started!

During your life and professional years you have built a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Career Reimagined will help you map all your skills and experience so you can confidently take your new role on.


This academically backed programme combines the best of coaching and self study. You get to work through the carefully created coaching exercises at your own pace whilst being fully supported to ensure you never stay stuck

In addition no other programme...

  • Deeply understands what you’re going through (our founders have been where you are, and changed their careers successfully)
  • This programme brings a specific coaching mindset to guide you forward (so that you can create a long-term vision for your life as well as your career)
  • Has a community of like-minded women who have knows what you are going through (our community is made up of women who are or has been on this ver same journey)
  • Provides easy to follow step by step instructions so you can successfully relaunch your career the easy way.

Yes, there are several ways to get support. You can ask fellow students in our private members Facebook Group, you can get your question answered in the weekly Live Q&A by Hanna or you can ask one of our expert coaches via email. All equally powerful in different ways.

I personally cannot wait to guide you over the next two months...

Finding the right career has transformed my life. I have experienced first hand what it's like to feel like I'm losing myself to turning this around and creating a career fully aligned to my life. A career where I get to be me, to feel stimulated without having to give up all my time with my kids - they're still little.

More than anything else, I want to share that with you today.

If you're a woman wanting to have a career and be the mother you want to be then you owe it to yourself to take the risk free step to find out what the right career looks like.

To experience first hand what it feels like to wake up every morning feeling excited about your career and life. Knowing that you are building your best life!

Should you choose to accept my invitation I can guarantee that this will be life changing for you and your family.

I look forward to meeting you presonally on the inside of Career Finder.

Hanna x



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